Reviews Flekosteel

  • جزاء
    I put him on his feet in a few days and without him I would have lain for a month. The first remedy for any injuries and I advise his parents for rheumatism and arthritis.
  • عناد
    My wife and I are now so old that piles of wounds crawl on their own. So my back started to hurt, my knees. But Flekosteel helps, quickly relieves pain and makes it easier to bend. It was as if they were younger.
  • رسمية
    My neighbor treats me that way. As her back hurts, she is treated with this gel and after a few days she is like new. Fast and efficient.
  • مؤمل
    Much better than all folk remedies, compresses. He anointed me several times and that is, you can even play football without pain and stiffness.
  • غرام
    I immediately order myself and my mother. It often comes in handy, of course, the age is already. But it helps well, it started to disappear in the garden again, obviously nothing hurts.
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